Posted on October 27, 2012

Parents Code of Conduct



A Parent/Guardian should:-


  • Always give positive comments to all the players on the pitch
  • Never enter the field of play unless specifically instructed
  • Avoid coaching your own child during the game unless requested to do so by the Manager or Coach
  • Always show respect for any decision made by an official or referee
  • Never use foul, abusive language or make racial remarks
  • Never get involved with any violent conduct of any form on or off the area of play
  • Respect all decisions made by the Manager or Coach at all times
  • Whenever possible help with setting up the nets and offer assistance


Positive encouragement from you will contribute to your child enjoying the game.  It will give them a sense of esteem and improve their skills and technique.


Trowell F.C will not tolerate any player or member from the club bullying any other player or member in any form.  This includes any physical or verbal form either at the club facilities, home or at any school.  If any player or member is found guilty of this act then they will be expelled, without question, from the club. 

Trowell F.C will not tolerate bullying or racism of any form.




All players and members are responsible for the payment of a monthly subscription fee.  The fee will be charged at the rate determined at the ‘Annual General Meeting’ and players and members will be advised in advance.  This fee will be due on the first Sunday of each month payable to the Treasurer. No player or member will be allowed to be more than one month in arrears with subs.


Mrs Clare Lock has been elected as a child protection officer for the club and is always available to discuss any matter in the strictest of confidence.  All coaches and Managers will be vetted as part of our child protection policy.

Any Manager or Coach will not be available to take or bring back any player to a match in any vehicle unless they are accompanied by another adult.


I the undersigned Parent/Guardian understand and abide by the instruction set out above:-



Parent/Guardian __________________Signed _____________________Date _________